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F1 Model 812 Passive Flexible Array Loudspeaker

The Bose® F1 Model 812 Passive Flexible Array Loudspeaker is a small-format full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker with a flexible array that lets you control its vertical coverage pattern. Simply push or pull the flexible array into position to create “Straight,” “C”, “J”, or “Reverse-J” coverage patterns, letting you tailor the loudspeaker’s vertical coverage to a variety of environments and mounting locations. The F1 Model 812 Passive is intended for use in small to medium sized indoor installations and can also be used in portable applications.

Bose’s F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker product line now includes a new passive full range model and a full suite of mounting brackets. F1 Model 812 loudspeakers include M8 top and rear hang points along with three dedicated brackets for easier, more flexible mounting. Pan and tilt, yoke and U bracket options are available.

UPDATE! Pricing has now been confirmed, with a RRP of NZ$1699 (incl GST). Product is now shipping and orders can now be taken. Click HERE to see ShowPro’s special pricing and place your order. Please note that the F1 812 Passive requires active equalization. More information on this as it comes to hand.